Monday, May 5, 2014

Transferring your Site out of your Domain

In the near future, my organization will be transferring Google accounts to a new domain. This will help streamline our organization, keep everyone within the same sphere (right now there is a division between faculty and administration), and mean that work that has been done within our domain needs to be migrated to the new accounts.
Migration can be a bit less chaotic than this.
Image: Wikimedia Commons

At the time of writing, Google Takeout currently supports 19 Google products, which will undoubtably help with the transition. LifeHacker has a good instruction manual for doing this (scroll down to the bottom to see how to use Takeout in particular).

However, Google Sites does not appear on the list. This could be a problem, since we have started a long-term project of using Sites to create digital portfolios for students.

Image: Flickr user Martin Lafrance
I have put together a short document outlining the process of transferring a Google Site outside of your domain. Please keep in mind that links to items hosted in Google Drive will probably need to be updated once you've migrated your Drive data to your new account. This is where keeping your stuff organized will really help. Use the settings options for each embedded item or linked item, and choose the version hosted by your new account to configure things properly.

Google Takeout can help your migration of Google Drive between accounts at different domains. This might be easier than trying to make copies of everything manually (in fact, I'm confident that it will be easier). Sites just requires a bit of manual manipulation, but it is certainly possible.

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