Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Goals for the Future

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After attending the Ontario Google Summit, I have realized a few things that will impact the training that I will be developing and delivering in the future. Every event that I attend, I learn something. Whether it's through attending the sessions given by an amazing presenter, or through reflecting on my own teaching and learning practice, I always come away knowing more than I did going in. This reflection helps me become a better teacher.

Here are some of the things I vow to do (or continue doing):

Less direct instruction.

I want to have my learners spend more time doing and less time listening. I love hands-on learning, and I believe it is one of the most effective ways of teaching and learning.

Break lessons into smaller pieces.

I tend to bite off more than I can chew. Covering all the cool, interesting, or unique applications of technology tools is difficult to do in a one-hour session. I will break my sessions into smaller pieces and focus on beginner, intermediate or advanced applications.

Stay focused on pedagogy.

Teaching the tools is important, but we need to know why we should be using the tools more than how to use them. Figuring out how to use a tool is as simple as doing a Google search and looking up instructions. Knowing how to apply that knowledge to support student learning isn't as simple.

Provide links to support.

This goes with the idea that pedagogy is important. Giving links to facilitate independent and continual learning is the way to set people up to take what they've learned outside the session, and to continue growing.

Geek out.

I'm a total geek. I love doing what I do, and I enjoy unleashing the awesome power of these tools. I'm going to write scripts, develop powerful tools for automation, and share all of that with my fellow geeks. Spreadsheets to do cool stuff, writing scripts to make life easier, or just bouncing ideas off one another. I'm going to keep at it. Sometimes I just need to remember that it can be intimidating to some, and to restrain myself at times. Hopefully not too much.

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