Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doodle Yourself with a Google Drawing

I've been working with my students on writing a biography, and we will be transitioning into writing reflections. As a part of this work, I've asked them to create a self portrait using Google drawings. We will be using links to make the drawings interactive, then using them on a Google site.

As a part of the process, I've created a short video to describe how to create a cartoon version of yourself. This is a method that I experimented with and learned through trial-and-error. Apologies to graphic artists everywhere!

If you're interested in creating your own self portrait, post a comment and share your creation (if you dare). Don't worry if it looks horrendous when you're 90% done - it's supposed to. Just before you finish, you'll look like a clown that got into a brawl, but don't worry. Stick with it, and you might be surprised by what you end up with.

Good luck and, as always, enjoy!

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