Thursday, October 24, 2013

Video follow-up on embedding a blog into weebly

I recently published a tutorial on how I embedded a blog into a weebly page. I wasn't happy with the RSS widget that weebly offers, and I have found a great tool called feedroll that generates the html code to publish the content of your blog, while still following the style rules of your weebly site.

One of my favourite features of this method is that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your weebly site. Students (or viewers) likely aren't aware of the tools that are "behind-the-scenes" running the show. These tools have options such as scheduling a post to appear at a given time, embedding content like youtube videos or Google forms, and having everything in the same place. I have found it easy to repeat the mantra "check my weebly" to the point where students know it's the place to find everything.

I will follow up this video with a tutorial on how I've been using Google forms and a couple of scripts to automate a daily math problem, including setting a time limit for responses, automating grading, and easily collating grades into a gradebook spreadsheet.

Stay tuned!

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