Monday, March 28, 2011

Why we need to change how we think about students

I often find myself explaining why I am so passionate for open-source. I have various arguments, theories, and opinions that you probably don't want to spend time reading (especially if you're already reading this blog).

But I've never put my thoughts in as much clarity as Sir Ken Robinson. Take a look at the situation educators face today, and how the way we were taught in elementary school isn't good enough anymore. Keep in mind everything you know as a teacher, and put yourself in your students' shoes, if only for a moment.

Take the eleven minutes and forty-one seconds to watch it. Please. You'll be glad you did.

How will you revolutionize your approach to learning and sharing? If it's fine for you to use ideas you've found, why not let your students? How will you assess their learning, their development, and their academic ability after this paradigm shift? Perhaps more importantly, how will you avoid training the creativity, originality, and spontaneity out of your students?

If you know how you will do it, you need to share it. We need to work together to revolutionize education to fit today's world. The classroom needs to come into the 21st century - our students were all probably born then!

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