Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesson Plan Template

For my internship, I write a large volume of plans. Each plan must follow a specified format, with sections, headings, and spaces for Quebec Education Plan competencies, and Professional Competencies (if you haven't heard of them, don't worry about it unless you want to teach in Quebec).

To make my life slightly easier, I put together a template in OpenOffice. Each time I double-click it, I get a new document with every section heading written, and I just need to fill in the details. It saves me time and energy - two things I'm running short of lately.

You can download the template here, or a GoogleDocs version here (if you don't use Open Office, you should).

To make your own template in whatever word processor you prefer, create your layout, then choose "Save As..." from the file menu, and look for the document type drop-down menu. You should find a template option. Once you've saved your template, each time you double-click it, you will get a new, untitled document with all your headings set up the way you like. Pretty handy!

I've also posted a couple other forms I use: a tracking sheet for things I've handed out and want back (like permission forms), and a blank schedule for weekly planning. The time slots are marked according to my school's schedule, but they're all customizable for your needs. Find them in the "Forms and Templates" folder.

I hope you get to save a little time by using these tools. If it helps, let me know! Post a comment, so I keep putting work into these tools and sharing them with the world. We all need positive feedback once in a while!

Happy planning,

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